Status: Currently not accepting self-published book reviews. (Last updated: 6/16/2016)

You can find all the books I’ve read and what I want to read on my Goodreads.

I accept physical copies (finished ones or ARCs) and eBooks (pdf and epub format).

I don’t accept self-published books unless I’ve worked with you (as an author or a publisher) before.


Genres I enjoy:

  • Young Adult (any sub-genres)
  • Middle Grade
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary
  • Science fiction
  • Dystopian

Genres I will consider to read:

  • Short stories
  • Mysteries
  • Chick lit

Genres I don’t like:

  • New Adult
  • Romance
  • Erotica
  • Horror
  • Paranormal
  • Non-fiction


Every review will also be posted on Goodreads. The reviews will be based on my emotion while reading the book, but I also honestly criticize the author’s writing and plot. (I judge the book, not the author personally.)

My reviews include:

  • Cover image
  • Basic book stats
  • Blurb (mostly from Goodreads or the publishers themselves)
  • My own book summary
  • My honest opinions
  • Rating (check sidebar for my rating system)

I can’t guarantee on how fast reviews will be posted but I do try my best to post them on the release month (even if it’s not the exact date) or as requested. Also, note that I don’t accept all of your requests, I only accept what I’m really interested in to control my reading schedule.

I also like participating in blog tours and hosting giveaways or author interviews.

Please contact me with any requests. But if you put me on mailing lists without permission you will be blocked or blacklisted, sorry for that.



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