Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2016 Experience, Book Haul, and Tips!



The world’s biggest book sale is finally here! I got myself to ICE in BSD, Tangerang, after waiting for a few days to get the books. It was super awesome. I still don’t get why they said The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale ‘Jakarta’ instead of ‘South Tangerang’, though. Hmm.

Big Bad Wolf Books was founded by a husband and wife who also run BookXcess bookstore in Malaysia. They offer imported books with 50%-95% discount from various genres (mystery, fantasy, romance, and many more). Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is extremely popular and has been held seven times in Malaysia. The effort for obtaining books directly from distributors all around the world to get the lowest price is to encourage people, especially juveniles and children, to read.

The Adventure

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)

Yesterday (05/05/2016), we went to Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) straight from home at 9:30 AM, the book sale itself opened at 10 AM (they’re open for 24 hours nonstop on some scheduled days from April 30 until May 8, 2016). Once we arrived in front of Hall 10, the crowd was already there! But luckily we could get inside without needing to wait for too long.

We’re here!
The entrance

The inside was GIGANTIC. We came on the right time because in that moment up to 400.000 books were being restocked and the hall was expanded by 50% to hold more books. How incredible.

I strolled around for three hours and got my tote bag (I brought it from home, this is so important to bring) full of books, plus another piles of books in both of my hands, and my cousin’s hands, and my sister’s hands, AND inside two more bags. We were okay, even though our hands and legs were a bit shaking from holding all the weight.

Some books from the “Fiction” section

On the left from the entrance gate there were local books from Mizan publisher, fiction, and young adult sections. On the right there were non fiction and children sections. They had trolleys for us to put books we wanted to buy. The average cost per book was around IDR60K to IDR140K (USD4.49 to USD10.48).


We separated our ways to minimize the time. The only thing I disliked from the exhibition was the book piles were too high for me. I needed to tiptoe the whole time to see all the books they displayed, and it was so tiring. Oh how I wish I was taller. I grabbed many books I thought interesting, there weren’t many famous authors available but I had my Goodreads app to look for the best-rated books, no regrets!

After spending a couple of hours in the crowd, we met again near the cashier to purchase the books. Because we came back with SO MANY books, we had to shortlist them while queuing.


My books are being purchased!

It was my first experience to visit Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, even though I went to BookXcess last year when I visited KL. BBW was great, they had helpful staff, there were also a Curious Corner that sold posters and things, but I didn’t take any picture of it. Restrooms, storage, lost and found corner, also food court were available.

 The Haul

Books I got from BBW 2016 (except for Alice In Wonderland)

1. City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare IDR60K

2. Les Misérables by Victor Hugo IDR70K

Will I ever finish this book? I don’t know.

3. The Host by Stephenie Meyer IDR60K

4. Life of Pi by Yann Martel IDR60K

5. The Martian by Andy Weir IDR60K

6.  Invisible City (The Joshua Files #1) by M. G. Harris IDR60K

7. Ice Shock (The Joshua Files #2) by M. G. Harris IDR45K

8. Heidi (Heidi #1) by Johanna Spyri IDR30K

9. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson IDR30K

10. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin IDR30K

11. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame IDR30K


Total Damage: IDR535K (USD40.08)

The Guide

Soooo based on my journey to BBW 2016, I’d like to tell you some tips to attend this year’s BBW, or the next BBW events.

1. Be prepared

First of all, dress as comfortable as you can. Save your energy before going, because it’s going to be quite tiring.

I recommend you to bring a water bottle (drink some water before entering the venue, you don’t want to get dehydrated!), a lot of MONEY or a credit card (they don’t accept some credit cards, make sure you find the payment info from the social media before bringing a credit card), and bring at least a tote bag, backpack, or even your own trolley. It’ll be easier for you to bring the books, and help save the world by using less plastic bags and boxes. Yay.

Bring tote bags (yeah, I bought more books than I expected)

2. Go early OR late

Prevent the crowd by going way earlier before the sale starts, or late at night because they’re open 24 hours nonstop. Don’t go around 11 AM or 3 PM-ish, the crowd is terrible. I bet you all just want to hunt for books in peace…


3. I suggest you to go on the first dates

This is a way to get more books you want to buy. When I went yesterday, some books I wanted were sold out. Sigh. But don’t worry, it’s only a suggestion. They usually restock the books every two or three days, but yeah, playing safe is more than alright.


News flash. I asked a staff to look out for a book I wanted to get yesterday, I was confused when he knew the location of most books. Then I knew, the books were all in a chronological order of the author’s last name! So if you want to scan all the books in the hall without wasting too much time, go for a zig-zag walk.

5. Don’t expect too much

This book fair doesn’t sell newly published books, although I saw a few books published in 2014 and 2015. You can bring a list of books you want to purchase, but be prepared because they are not always available during the sale.

6. Bring powerbank

Another optional thing. But it’s really worth it, especially when you’re going to spend hours inside. Stay contacted with your friends (if you go together), don’t get separated unless you already make an agreement with them before. Download Goodreads app, if you haven’t, to scan barcode of the books so it’s easier for you to look up for reviews. Or just search it on Google, it’s totally optional.

7. Be considerate!

Put back unwanted books where you found them in the first place. Don’t put them on the floor or in random places. The most important, respect people!


For more information, visit


Time to hunt with the pack!



4 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2016 Experience, Book Haul, and Tips!

  1. Hi Zara!

    I landed on your blog because I was searching for reviews about the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. I live in the Philippines and it will be our first time to experience this event. I noticed though, most of the selections are on children’s books to fiction, particularly the young adult reads. My intention is to score discounted coffee table books in the field of arts, photography, fashion, style and lifestyle in general. Having such intention, would you recommend the book fair for me? Do you think I will be able to score some rare yet discounted coffee table books?

    Thank you in advance and wishing you a great week ahead!


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